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Charge Stations

USP Parking is proud to offer you Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at many of our locations. These units are safe and easy-to-use, and are just one part of our commitment to green technologies.

Solar Panel Programs

USP Parking understands that the financial and environmental benefits of solar are greater than ever, and companies looking to benefit can now install a solar canopy over their parking lots to share in the savings. Businesses across the country are building solar parking lots that provide shade for cars while simultaneously generating renewable energy – and they’re saving thousands of dollars on electricity bills in the process.

Eco Friendly Products

USP Parking’s Eco-Friendly Initiatives:

  • Amenity center with EV chargers, car wash, vacuum and tire inflators.
  • Premium reserved parking for hybrid, electric, carpool and compact vehicles.
  • Energy efficient lighting tied to occupancy sensors.
  • Exhaust fans directly regulated by CO monitors reducing energy and. tailoring fresh air movement.
  • Recycled metals selected for signage. All scrap metal is recycled.
  • Green Seal certified cleaning products.