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Hands on Approach

For more than two decades, USP Parking has stood with our community and clients, inspiring more trust and greater loyalty from our staff, clientele, and their customers. By implementing a hands-on approach, we have enabled our team to meet the commitment to those we serve. We take great pride in the service we provide and strive to enhance the entire service experience for your customers.

We have extensive experience in:
Revenue Control Systems
Service Execution

Great Trips Begin and End When You Park

USP Parking is a leader in Parking Management, Shuttle Operations and Curbside Management across the country. We leverage this expertise to provide you and your millions of travelers with industry-leading service and unmatched levels of financial accountability. Airport parking is multi-faceted and our proven track record and experienced management team are always ready to take on new challenges.


20+ years in the business has taught us that every facility, including yours, has its own unique opportunities and challenges. We determine what opportunities exist and enhance the daily experience of your customers. Our goal is to make ever client and customer feel like a VIP

Our specialties include:

  • Proactive Operational Management vs. basic caretaking
  • Extensive experience with automation and other technologies
  • Marketing Plans designed to increase parking revenues
  • Operating Expense Audits and recommendations
  • Online financial information and reporting capabilities
  • Operational Reviews and Implementation Plans
  • Revenue Tracking and Visitor Volume Reports
  • Green Initiatives and Programs

We manage every conceivable type of parking structure. And each day, we do everything conceivable to earn a “Thank You” from you and your customers.

Technology Innovation

USP Parking is at the forefront of technology and service. Out team works around the clock and utilizes the latest revenue control, reservation platforms and safety solutions.

Benefits of USP Parking include:

24hr Around The Clock Monitoring. With our non-stop monitoring service, gates can stay down, the garage can stay open and revenue can keep coming in every hour of every day.
Reduced Operating Expenses. Facilities with remote assistance reduces the need for on-site employees during slower periods thus reducing payroll costs.
Increased Revenue. Our customer service representatives can process payment 24/7 which reduces open transactions from lost tickets.
Improved Customer Care. By transitioning on-site support to off-site support, USP can cover more locations and be available to customers whenever, wherever they need assistance.

Amenity Services

USP Parking Thinks Beyond Parking – Our goal is to provide our tenants and their customers with the best parking experience.

Our amenity services include:

  • Car Care/Detailing
  • EV Charge station
  • Jump Start
  • Tire Inflation
  • Dry Cleaning/Pickup
  • Lock out Services


USP Parking has implemented solid management practices and secure revenue controls. We employ a hands-on approach to controlling expenses with an eye on the bottom line.

With USP Parking, you have the confidence of knowing that your parking facility or valet service is managed by a team dedicated to great service and personalized hospitality. You can also be sure that your revenue is secure with USP Parking’s rigorous cash handling and accounting procedures backed by a team of dedicated national auditors.