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Parking Services

USP Parking has been providing parking management services for over 20 years. Our approach of Focusing on the Fundamentals of parking management are designed to maximize revenue and minimize costs to enhance profitability for our clients while maintaining superior service.

Our depth of resources, extensive in-house capabilities, and skilled operational staff ensure that client goals can be met every time while our modern, customer-focused systems and services make parking easier than ever. Our ability to customize our parking programs based on our client’s individual needs helps our clients better serve their tenants.

In addition to exceptional operational services, we leverage technology solutions, such as remote management and online payment systems, and offer marketing services, such as custom client websites and the use of paid and local search marketing, to maximize the performance of our clients’ businesses.

Our deliverables include the following:

  • Hospitality-trained and uniformed professionals with a passion for service
  • Clean, safe and well-run facilities
  • Remote Management Services
  • Valet Services
  • A turnkey solution that delivers maximum profits from your parking asset
  • Custom marketing programs that ensures full capacity for your garage
  • Assurance that all revenues are accounted, audited and deposited
  • Aggressive revenue-creation programs that maximize your financial results through Technology Integration
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Transportation Services

In 2008, USP Holdings has expanded its corporate mission and engaged in shuttle bus and limousine services. Our transportation mission is to provide safe, dependable, and efficient services for people who need stress-free and economic travel. We have well trained, experienced, fully-insured, professional, and courteous drivers. Our fleet of vehicles which include shuttle buses, limousines, and taxi-cabs; are spread throughout the DMV and can be deployed at a moment’s notice. Our vehicles are well-maintained, and our goal is to be on time, all the time. Presently, we are providing services to a major downtown corridor in Washington, DC as well as both Washington Dulles International and Ronald Reagan National Airports. We maintain at maximum a 7-minute headway at both airports and provide rides to a million of customers every year.

Curbside Management

Our latest addition to our expanding list of services provided includes Curbside Management at three of the busiest locations in the United States. In 2013 USP has expanded into Curbside Management and currently holds the contract for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey at all three of its airports.

During our tenure there, USP has quickly proven to be instrumental by implementing strict management oversight to improve queuing, integrity of dispatchers, and additional amenities. At PANYNJ we manage 100 cabs actively and 600 in the holding queue, with an average of 228,000 cabs dispatched per month or 7,600 per day.

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Janitorial Services

With the two major airports in the Metropolitan DC area in need of janitorial services, USP Janitorial has expanded its mission once again in 2010 to encompass Janitorial Services.

With resources around the Metropolitan DC area, we always have people ready and able to fill in during absences. USP has the expertise to understand the Janitorial Industry and empower the workforce to provide reliable, high-quality service specific to the demand.

As a testament to our success, we have been awarded several locations, including Audi Field, home of the D.C. United Major League Soccer team.

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Mobility Consulting

With over 100 years of combined experience USP’s team of expert can handle all your facility needs. Today’s facility management is vastly changing, and our team is here to make sure you are informed with the latest and best practices. Let us assist you in analyzing your facility from financial review, auditing, yield management, technology, equipment procurement, maintenance plan and standard operating plan.

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Security Services

In mid-2021, while still in a global pandemic, the Board at USP Holdings realized an opportunity that awaited across all current accounts and business offerings: Private Security Officer Services. Faced with our own internal security needs, USP realized at that point in time that all our current customers used Private Security Officer Services and that none of our competitors offered all the services that USP offers as well as offering Private Security Officer Services.

This realization gave USP Holdings a chance to further vertically integrate an already very diverse company. By adding a Customer Service oriented full-service Private Security company to our holdings, it allowed USP to become unique in the space in which we operate. We are the only company that offers Armed & Unarmed Private Security Officer Services along with complete Managed Parking Services and Full-Scope Janitorial Services.

What this means for the client is they have a single entity that can deploy background-checked personnel 24/7 to provide professionally managed services to their locations.

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